Hardware Specs

All of the hardware nodes in our VPS cluster act as one giant computer providing a high level of performance and fault tolerance to our clients.

Hardware in cluster:

  • Power: Each hardware node in the cluster has redundant Power Supplies connected to separate A or B UPS/Power systems
  • CPU: Currently have 42 Cores of Processing power in the cluster
  • Memory: 210GB of physical memory in the cluster
  • Network: Each hardware node ni the cluster has at least 3 redundant 1GB/s connections to our redundant network switches per hardware node

Cloud Storage:

  • Redundant SAS Spinning disks for “Hot Data”
  • Redundant SATA Spinning disks for “Cold Data”
  • SSD’s for Read Caching
  • SSD’s for Write Caching
  • On Premise Backup Storage
  • Off Site Backup Storage


  • Redundant Switching and Routing
  • Redundant Peers in multiple datacenters
  • IPv6 Available