Cloud based container and hypervisor VPS solutions


As your company grows, your VPS can scale and grow to meet your needs by dynamically adding Compute, Memory, and Disk.
Our VPS service runs on our Cloud Storage cluster providing an extremely high server, network, and disk fault tolerance. For extra protection, High availability failover for your VPS is available as an add-on.
We offer both “fully managed” and “monitoring only” VPS add-on plans to help you with your VPS enviroment. With “fully managed” we take care of monitoring, checking for and applying OS updates monthly, assistance with just about any issue or configuration request you may have, outside of custom software/script installations, and include one support ticket a month.

Manager your own VPS:

  • SSH as root
  • Install Software Packages
  • Install Plesk
  • View and Kill system processes

Also includes:

  • Full Root Access to your Cube
  • High Availability add-on available
  • Fully Redundant Server Cluster
    • Redundant Internet Peers
    • Redundant Routing and Switching components
    • Redundant Network connections to host servers
    • Redundant Hosts
    • Redundant Disks
    • Local and offsite backup
  • Cloud Storage
  • Scalability
cubes1 VPS Products